Feeling confused about what the right diet is for you? Who isn’t, I ask. Especially when we are constantly bombarded by tons of articles, testimonials, ads, posts, products, and whatnot…

But, what if…that million-dollar question for everyone on the face of this planet could be answered with one sentence? Would you want to know what that one sentence is?

 It is…

 …wait for it…

 …wait for it…

 …wait for it…

The right diet for YOU is any way of eating that is 1) mostly healthy; and 2) something you will DO for the long run!!

It all started last week when someone asked me a question about faddiets. Of course, I have my own opinions and impressions, but I wanted to put those aside and focus on the facts. I started like any dietitian would—doing a search for the data.  What are the trendiest diets out there right now? What are the success rates? What works and what doesn’t? Is there actually scientifically valid data?  And what are the rates of yo-yo dieting?

So just to get it out of my system…here is some data for you.

  • According to the International Food Information Council, the top 3 eating patterns (or “diets”) that people say they are trying to follow in 2018 are: 1) intermittent fasting; 2) paleo; 3) gluten-free
  • What doesn’t work.  A University of Pennsylvania study showed that almost 65% of dieters return to their pre-dieting weight within 3 years. A Stanford University study showed that just 5% of people who lost weight on a crash diet will keep the weight off.
  • What does work.  Of “successful” dieters who submitted to the National Weight Control Registry (defined as those who have lost at least 30 pounds and have kept it off at least a year)…
  • 45% lost weight on their own and 55% lost weight on a “program”
    • 98% modified their food intake to lose weight
    • 94% increased their physical activity (walking most popular)
    • Most report following a low calorie, low fat diet and participating in high levels of physical activity 

The bottom line?  Do you want to forgo carbs for the rest of your life?  Do you want to eat (and not eat) during certain times of the day?  Do you want to amp up your activity?  Do you want to focus on plant-based foods?  Do you want to cut “unhealthy” things out?  Do you want to add “healthy” things in?  Pretty much any of the above can work, as long as you do it thoughtfully, deliberately, and yes, consistently.  Even the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, basically the utopia healthy eating goals for everyone 2 years and older in our country, gives multiple examples of different ways to achieve a healthy diet from the “US Style” to “Mediterranean Style” to “Vegetarian Style.”

Want more specifics to see what works best for you?  Come back over the holiday season where we share our biggest tips on eating healthy in “real life” and over the holidays—in a way that doesn’t compromise your FUN and ENJOYMENT!!!


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