About Us

Energy. Excellence. Empathy.

Not just a tagline, but rather 3 words that describe Nutrition In Demand’s approach to each client, collaboration, project, and moment.  We offer a team of seasoned nutrition professionals and communications experts for the price of one to provide individual, needs-based support—on demand.

Why you need Nutrition In Demand:

  • You aren’t able to hire permanently but have high-priority work that must be completed.
  • You need to understand the policy landscape and what it means for your organization.
  • You want to navigate USDA and FNS program areas (e.g., Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Child Nutrition Programs, WIC, SNAP).
  • You desperately lack the bandwidth and need highly qualified communications, policy, and/or research support.
  • You need a team with a wide range of consumer knowledge (e.g., consumer research, weight management, nutrients, fitness, aging, disordered eating, oncology nutrition, fertility).
  • You need a team with a wide range of expertise (e.g., improving nutrition of products, health & wellness trends, programming, strategic planning, communications).
  • You are drawn to working with dedicated, detail-oriented, big-thinking, and FUN teammates! 

Our Approach


Align with your organization;


Understand your mission, sensitivities, and resources;


Collaborate to do great things!

Our Value

Nutrition In Demand delivers inclusive insights related to consumer, influencer, government, digital, and marketplace trends to support organizations in identifying and implementing synergistic opportunities that simultaneously benefit business needs and the public’s health.

Our Clients

We serve food and health-related non-profit organizations and foundations, CPGs, and public relations firms, among others. Current clients often describe Nutrition In Demand experts as a seamless extension of their internal staff, delivering above and beyond expectations.

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Strategic nutrition support, based in the Washington, DC metro area.