What “Nutrition On Demand” Means…

It is absolutely our pleasure to present the new Nutrition On Demand (NOD) web site!!  SHOUT OUT to our RD web designer and visionary, Whitney Bateson; our engaged and invaluable team members, Cat Taylor and Angela Leone; and our voluntary all-things-tech guru and part-time web builder (also my husband) Paul Maniscalco for being the dream team!

The timing could not be more meaningful.  March is National Nutrition Month (NNM).  This week, we celebrated RD (translation: Registered Dietitian—how you know your “nutritionist” has undergone significant, structured, robust, science-based nutrition training) Day. This is the time that we all get to celebrate what our profession collectively has the privilege of doing to support YOU and your consumers in living healthfully each and every day!   

To celebrate NNM and the launch of our new-and-improved web site, our team weighed in on the question, “What does Nutrition On Demand mean to you?” 

Shelley: It’s so fun to see how Nutrition On Demand has grown and evolved as we work to realize our ultimate mission: to provide superior and multi-model “on demand” nutrition support to our clients. In the past three years, we have been able to expand to include two more multi-disciplinary dietitians (I “birthed” NOD in 2016 as a party of one)!  We have been fortunate to build strong and enduring relationships with our clients[, and within our network, to provide unparalleled value.  I often feel tempted to pinch myself—as I am able to be hands on with the nutrition work that I love; collaborate with smart, driven, diverse, passionate, multi-faceted (I could go on and on) associates; all the while having the flexibility we need in our family at this stage in life! 

Angela: What does Nutrition On Demand mean to me? It means that I am able to use my skills and strengths to help others find joy and fun in food.  Nutrition On Demand means that I get to be part of a unique and cohesive team that helps organizations efficiently and effectively meet their business goals while promoting healthy eating across the board.  And, in my experience, it’s not every day one gets to work with individuals that they love on projects they are passionate about.  Because I get to do this every day, most of the time it doesn’t necessarily feel like “work”!

Cat: Being part of the NOD team has given me a unique opportunity to utilize a wide variety of nutrition skills I’ve built during my years in practice. There is no “typical” project or day—we work in various ways to positively impact communications and health behaviors on both the local and national levels—and I know I’ve grown as a result of the diversity of clients and projects we have been able to work with.  Finally, I find our team dynamic incredibly empowering as we complement and support one another. 

Wondering if you need to get your Nutrition On Demand?  There’s one way to find out—connect with us today! 

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