Celebrate Minority Health Month

with the MiPlato Toolkit

As the US population becomes increasingly diverse, culturally relevant education materials are needed – like this MiPlato Toolkit!

This toolkit includes evidence-based resources, social media posts, and activation ideas for health professionals to use when helping Latine populations build healthy eating patterns based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Incorporate MiPlato content and messaging in nutrition education classes, during one-on-one counseling sessions, and online!

Nutrition Education Handouts

MiPlato Your Way

MiPlato Your Way

This resource includes a 5-day sample menu using traditional Hispanic foods and dishes.

5 MiPlato Meal Tips

5 MiPlato Meal Tips

This resource includes tips and healthier versions of recipes for six traditional Hispanic dishes

MiPlato in Action Cookbook

MiPlato in Action Cookbook

Includes healthier versions of recipes for ten traditional Hispanic dishes that have been consumer tested among Latinx populations throughout the US.
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English Spanish
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Sample Social Media Posts for Consumer Audiences

Eating on a budget can be healthy and tasty! Try recipes for arepas, baleadas, chilaquiles, and more that were taste-tested and enjoyed by Hispanic Americans throughout the US:


#MiPlato #MyPlate ​#healthyrecipes #budgetfriendlymeals #mealplanning 

Make over your family meals to be nutritious and delicious by including more vegetables. Choose toppings like salsa verde, cabbage slaw, and guacamole to get extra nutrition! Find meal inspiration:



#MiPlato #MyPlate #fruitsandveggies #healthyeating #familymeals

Fruit is naturally sweet. Combine fruit and spices to make delicious desserts full of flavor without excess sugar. Try arroz con leche with raisins, cinnamon, and vanilla extract:



#MiPlato #MyPlate #fruit #healthyeating #sweettreat

Add flavor but not salt to your favorite meals with spice blends! Use a Mediterranean Spice Blend when making Spanish tortillas. Try this tasty recipe:



#MiPlato #MyPlate #spices #healthyrecipes #cookingathome

Sample Social Media Posts for Professional Audiences

Check out the MiPlato toolkit for authentic, healthy recipes, a sample meal plan, and a health professional guide that provides ideas for effective ways to work with Latine clients and patients.


#MiPlato #MyPlate #DietaryGuidelines #nutritioneducation #RDchat

Support personalized menu planning consistent with the Dietary Guidelines. Use MiPlato Your Way – an evidence-based resource including food group recommendations, foods from Spanish-speaking countries, and a sample menu.​​



#MiPlato #MyPlate #DietaryGuidelines #mealplanning #RDchat

Share the numerous recipes included in the MiPlato toolkit with your clients and patients. These healthier versions of traditional dishes are lower in sodium, saturated fats, and added sugars and were highly rated in consumer testing among Hispanic Americans. 


#MiPlato #MyPlate #DietaryGuidelines #healthyrecipes #RDchat 

Looking for information about your Latine patient population? The MiPlato toolkit health professional guide includes valuable data and tips for supporting healthy eating using authentic recipes and meal planning consistent with the Dietary Guidelines. 


#MiPlato #MyPlate #DietaryGuidelines #nutritioneducation #RDchat

Activation Ideas for Health Professionals

One-on-One Counseling
  • Personalize meal planning based on client preferences using the MiPlato Your Way resource (English, Spanish) as a guide.
  • Educate on the MyPlate food groups and where foods from mixed dishes fit.
  • Tailor your patient’s weekly menu based on their budget using recipes from the MiPlato Recipe Cards. 
Taste Testing for Kids

Host family-oriented taste testing events where kids can be exposed to foods from different cultures. Have participants try recipes from various countries, learn about their nutritional value and food origins, and sample new foods from each of the five food groups. Share MiPlato Recipes Cards with participants to use at home.

Cooking Classes

Host cooking classes using the MiPlato Toolkit as the curriculum. Highlight traditional budget friendly recipes and healthy food swaps. Additional skills like knife skills and food safety can be incorporated to provide participants with a holistic educational experience to build their confidence in the kitchen. 

Shopping Trip for Food Swaps

Lead hour-long tours at local supermarkets in your community using the MiPlato Toolkit as a guide. Participants learn tips from featured MiPlato recipes on a budget, food swaps for recipe favorites such as the ‘no-salt spice blends,’ and picking out culturally relevant produce. 

How-To Recipe Video: Sincronizadas

Provides step-by-step instructions for making delicious and nutritious sincronizadas
(ham and cheese quesadillas) and guacamole.

To make top-notch guacamole and other favorite avocado dishes,

use these how-to resources

Visit LoveOneToday.com for more avocado tips and recipes!

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